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About Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is an essential step in rehabilitation if you endure an injury that interferes with your ability to perform everyday tasks. At Mercer-Bucks Orthopaedics (MBO) with offices in Hamilton, Lawrenceville, New Jersey, and Langhorne, Pennsylvania, the specialists are highly trained in the rehabilitation of upper extremity injuries. They have several certified hand therapists on staff and provide each patient with personalized treatment that may include a home program. To learn more, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Occupational Therapy Q & A

What is occupational therapy? 

Occupational therapy is a form of rehabilitation that focuses on restoring movement, strength, and coordination abilities that prevent you from carrying out your everyday tasks. People value the use of their hands, and any loss of function resulting from injury, accident, or degeneration may have a devastating impact on their lives. 

The occupational therapists at Mercer Bucks Orthopaedics have specialized training in treating hand and upper extremity injuries. They are also highly skilled in the fabrication of custom orthoplastic splints, which aid in the protection and recovery of injuries.

Several of our therapists have achieved the Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) credential, which distinguishes them as a specialist in the treatment of upper extremity rehabilitation. Certification is voluntary and difficult to attain. It involves meeting rigorous standards, developing a long-range career path, and acquiring the advanced study and training required to pass the certification examination. 

CHTs are therapists who demonstrate a personal dedication to the profession of hand therapy and a desire for advanced competency; they bring to their work a commitment and dedication to reach and maintain the highest standards in their profession. The CHT credential is recognized by many professional organizations as a benchmark for excellence in advanced specialty credentialing in health care. There are currently only 7,181 certified hand therapists worldwide.

What is involved in occupational therapy?

The goal of occupational therapy is to make each individual as independent as possible in completing all of their activities of daily living and leisure activities that lead to a fulfilling life. If full restoration of function is not possible, therapist work with patients to modify how an activity is done or educate them on adaptive equipment that will allow them to successfully complete the activities that are most important to them.

In the realm of orthopedics, occupational therapy uses a combination of manual therapy and exercise to restore range of motion and strength. They also address nerve issues as well. For best results, patients must be dedicated to using their injured extremities and doing home exercise programs as instructed.

To learn more about occupational therapy, call Mercer-Bucks Orthopaedics or schedule an appointment online today.